Wasa Ship

Museums, archives, and libraries contain valuable objects that are necessarily exposed to environmental conditions, whether the environment is a gallery or an exhibit case. The impact of relative humidity in the environment is roughly one order of magnitude greater than the impact of temperature. Even if relative humidity control is not available from an HVAC system, it can still be useful to have a long-term record of environmental conditions. 

Learn how Vaisala helps to create the right climate for the 17th-century royal Swedish warship located in Scandinavia's most visited museum, the Vasa Museum.

The Vaisala Jade Smart Cloud is independent of the HVAC system. It is a complete solution for measuring, monitoring, and documenting environmental conditions. Measurement devices can be fully wireless, making it easy to move them around when exhibits change, or when sensors are installed in free-standing exhibit cases. 

Even when humidity control is provided by an HVAC system, Jade Smart Cloud is a valuable tool for monitoring conditions at precise locations. For example, close to the objects of interest, or as a tool to map conditions in a large space. Jade Smart Cloud is well proven even in the most challenging environments. 


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Louvre, Paris, France

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Drop on a green leaf -humidity

Humidity calculator

Humidity calculations and conversions made easy – online, offline and on the go.

Mona Lisa preserved by Vaisala

Vaisala helps preserve Mona Lisa

Learn how Vaisala helps preserve the world-famous painting.

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Museum stairs

Jade Smart Cloud

Combining industrial-grade measurements with secure and reliable wireless monitoring, Vaisala Jade Smart Cloud brings new levels of proficiency and flexibility for professionals.
Cloud Access Point CA10 is a wireless networking hardware device that connects CWL100 data loggers to Jade Smart Cloud service.

CA10 Cloud Access Point

The Vaisala HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Probe HMP110 is a trouble-free and cost-effective humidity transmitter with high accuracy and good stability.
CWL100 datalogger with HMP63, a cost-effective humidity probe with plastic enclosure.

CWL100 Wireless Data Logger

CWL100 Cloud Wireless Data Logger is part of the Vaisala Jade Smart Cloud monitoring system. It is used to monitor humidity and temperature in a wide range of environments.

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The Vasa ship capsized and sank in Stockholm 1628.
Customer case

Creating the right climate

Vaisala humidity transmitters help to preserve the royal warship Vasa Saving the famous 17th century Swedish warship, Vasa, from further...