Four applications where Jade Smart Cloud shows its strengths

Jade logger with probe HMP115 installed in a art museum
Buildings and Indoor Air Quality
Environmental and Public Health Protection
Industrial Manufacturing and Processes
Industrial Measurements

Your organization might need to monitor humidity and temperature for many reasons, from preserving perishables to timing the installation of flooring on new concrete floors or protecting the health and well-being of employees and visitors. Vaisala Jade Smart Cloud is an intuitive, versatile, and reliable solution that’s easy to install and provides accurate real-time measurements, with data automatically saved and stored in the cloud. From there, the data can be accessed from anywhere and shared for use in decision-making processes.

Vaisala created Jade Smart Cloud in response to the growing requirement for smart, connected, automated digital solutions that resolve the issues typically associated with manual monitoring and data handling, such as inaccurate measurements, unreliable recording processes, and slow data availability.

Adaptable, reliable temperature and humidity monitoring

“Users can install as many data loggers as they need to take measurements from various locations, and because the loggers use wireless radio technology and are battery operated, they can be relocated if they’re needed in a different position later on,” explains Jarno Mitjonen, Product Manager at Vaisala. “They can also be placed closer to the items or processes being measured in existing spaces, with no need to install cabling or make structural adaptations to accommodate them.”

The data gathered by Vaisala’s highly accurate measurement probes is recorded by the loggers and sent directly to the wireless access point, which in turn synchronizes it to the cloud. From there, it can be accessed via a phone, tablet, or computer using the Jade Smart Cloud application. “The application is versatile and user-friendly, with a real-time data feed and a graphical display that can be used to show trends from selected loggers and time periods. It also allows users to define access rights and set up customized alerts that initiate when the humidity or temperature exceeds a specified high or low limit,” says Jarno.
Jade Smart Cloud maintains its high measurement accuracy through high-quality calibrations of the measurement probes performed by Vaisala. The probes are interchangeable and can be easily removed from the logger for calibration – or if desired, spare pre-calibrated probes can be ordered in advance to avoid disruption to data gathering. 

Below, we take a closer look at some of the applications where Jade Smart Cloud really shines: museums and archives, warehouses, construction and renovation, and indoor condition monitoring.

Probe HMP115 at a museum corridor


Protecting valuable items in museums and archives

“The main concern for museums and archives is protecting their investments and avoiding costly repairs by preventing damage to the precious items being stored or displayed, such as paintings, sculptures, or documents,” highlights Jarno. Jade Smart Cloud’s wireless data loggers can be either placed close to objects requiring monitoring or situated at various points in the exhibition hall to monitor the ambient conditions. The wireless setup also comes in handy if the loggers have to be moved around whenever the layout of the space changes.

Where a building automation system is in use, Jade Smart Cloud’s high-quality, stable measurements can help verify that the system is maintaining the required conditions at all times. “To ensure sufficient accuracy it’s often important to take measurements from as close to the objects as possible as the flow of air can cause variable conditions, even within an indoor space,” explains Jarno. “A logger can be easily hidden from view behind a display cabinet or other furniture, with a cable connecting it to the carefully located measurement probe.”

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Jade logger measuring temperature and humidity














Warehousing of specialty goods

For warehouses where items like electronics or perishable goods and foods such as coffee, chocolate, or flowers are stored, reliable reporting is often needed to demonstrate to customers that the products have been stored in suitable conditions, for example when investigating a product that has been compromised at some point in the supply chain. With Jade Smart Cloud, warehouse operators can quickly find historical or real-time data and share it with relevant parties, ensuring transparency and making life easier for both the warehouse and its customers.

Because warehouses are often large spaces, the robust long-range radio connectivity is another valuable feature, with only a minimal number of access points needed to receive signals from all of the loggers. And as Jarno explains, the way Jade Smart Cloud works also offers opportunities for warehouses to increase their income and expand their service offerings by providing value-added services: “One way to do this is renting a data logger to a customer for use in the location where their products are being stored and providing exclusive access to that logger’s reporting.”

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Structural moisture measurements for construction

One of the most important uses for Jade Smart Cloud in construction and renovation projects is monitoring moisture levels in and around concrete during the drying process. “Optimal ambient conditions will allow the concrete to dry as quickly as possible and develop maximum strength without cracking,” says Jarno. Most countries also have regulations specifying a relative humidity level the concrete must fall below before being covered to prevent mold growth between the concrete and the flooring material. With Jade Smart Cloud and a probe installed in the concrete, humidity can be checked remotely, with automatic alerts set up to warn operators if the ambient conditions are non-optimal and to notify them when the target moisture level has been reached.

Jade Smart Cloud can also be used to monitor unusual or unpredictable structures – like insulated wall and ceiling structures or modern constructions in heritage buildings – to prevent mold damage and ensure that the materials are behaving as desired. “Automatic alerts are particularly helpful in scenarios where temperature and humidity can vary substantially, as they provide early warnings that offer peace of mind by allowing for timely corrective action,” says Jarno.

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Indoor conditions in public buildings

Atmospheric conditions in public spaces like shopping malls, schools, and entertainment venues can fluctuate significantly due to various factors including the volume of people moving in and out. “With Jade Smart Cloud you can perform long-term indoor condition monitoring surveys, which can achieve far better coverage than traditional periodic spot checks because they give a more complete picture of how conditions fluctuate over time and change depending on the day, time, external conditions, and the number of people in the building,” explains Jarno.

Jade logger in a building entrance


Powered by state-of-the-art technology

Jade Smart Cloud combines several advanced technologies that make it extremely reliable:

  • Scalability: As a modular system, Jade Smart Cloud can be scaled easily for a variety of purposes. Users can simply set up as many loggers and access points as they need and add more as their needs change. 
  • Cloud storage: All data collected is stored in the cloud, meaning there’s no need to worry about IT infrastructure, security, system maintenance, or setting aside server space for data storage.
  • Extremely good radio connectivity: Jade Smart Cloud’s wireless connectivity is based on LoRa radio technology, which is already widely respected. Vaisala has pushed it even further with modified features to ensure that it meets our customers’ most demanding requirements.
  • Regular firmware updates: Jade Smart Cloud’s software updates automatically, with no action needed from the end user as the new firmware version is installed directly onto the local system from the cloud.
  • Vaisala HUMICAP® sensors: Because the system uses proven HUMICAP sensors, it provides extremely stable and high-quality measurements.

Jade Smart Cloud is also backed by Vaisala’s strong global presence, trusted brand, and scale of operations, giving our customers peace of mind and ensuring they can get local support on any continent. This is especially beneficial for multinational companies with numerous local offices that all need reliable support in their own languages.

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