Vaisala to expand its premium Indigo product range with high-performance HMP1 probe for humidity and temperature measurements in high-end facilities

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November 18, 2020

Vaisala to expand its premium Indigo product range with high-performance HMP1 probe for humidity and temperature measurements in high-end facilities

The new HMP1 probe provides the best performance for measurements in critical production and storage facilities as well as in locations such as data centers where measurement accuracy, easy maintenance, and robustness are crucial.

Vaisala, a global leader in weather, environmental, and industrial measurements, has today introduced a new HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Probe HMP1. With its top-of-the-line accuracy and sensor purge functionality that ensures excellent stability over time, the HMP1 is an ideal choice for demanding humidity measurements in environments such as pharmaceutical facilities, data centers, cleanrooms, or any other environments that require strict humidity monitoring and control.

The product features the recognized and space-proof HUMICAP® sensor technology, which is known to endure demanding conditions.

The HMP1 complements the Indigo product family, which is a premium solution for multi-parameter measurements with flexible connectivity. The modular product family consists of interchangeable smart probes, transmitters, and Vaisala Insight PC Software, which together create a strong chain of data to ensure energy efficiency, safety, and end-product quality.

Premium solution for wall-mounted humidity and temperature measurements
The probe is compatible with any Vaisala Indigo series transmitter. The possibility to detach the probe from the transmitter allows efficient maintenance and calibration. With the Indigo200 series transmitter the HMP1 probe forms a single wall-mounted unit with no probe cable or probe holder needed. The robust Indigo520 transmitter offers installation flexibility and allows optimal positioning of the probe. It also enables dual-probe installations for extended parameter monitoring or extreme accuracy.  

The unique combination of measurement performance, easy maintenance, and the extensive range of additional features in the Indigo transmitter series creates a premium solution for wall-mounted humidity and temperature measurements in demanding applications.

The HMP1 can also be used as a standalone wall-mounted transmitter over Modbus RTU serial bus. Whether the HMP1 is used as a standalone unit or with an Indigo transmitter, it can be connected to the complimentary Vaisala Insight PC Software for easy field calibration, probe configuration, and device analytics.

Software update for the Indigo520 transmitter
In addition to the product launch, Vaisala has also announced a software update for the Indigo520 transmitter that includes temperature compensation. Together with the Indigo-compatible humidity and temperature probe HMP7 and the temperature probe TMP1, it now also delivers accurate and reliable relative humidity data in condensing environments such as test chambers or fuel cells, where traditional instruments fall short.

“We are very excited about the news! The HMP1 and software launch together sum up our ambitions perfectly: Helping our customers across industries to optimize their processes for better results by building on our very strong technology base, and to provide industry’s most reliable solutions to measurement challenges in demanding applications,” comments Vaisala’s Product Manager Jarkko Ruonala.

The Vaisala HUMICAP® HMP1 probe will be available to order in December 2020.

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