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Professional monitoring with ease

Vaisala Jade Smart Cloud is a reliable, flexible, and effective solution for online humidity and temperature monitoring. Improve visibility over your applications and gain actionable insights for long-term condition monitoring, process improvements, maintenance and optimization, and site analytics. Collect and share data on your environmental conditions, structures, indoor air quality, and other applications to base decisions on trusted information.

Why choose Jade Smart Cloud?

  • Easy, secure access to high-quality measurement data
  • Adaptable and scalable configurations for changing applications
  • Quick and effortless to install
  • Developed by Vaisala’s measurement technology experts
  • Long product lifespan minimizes the total cost of ownership
  • Backed by global support and regular updates

Do you need system for GxP-regulated environments? See viewLinc Continuous Monitoring System

Accessing high-quality measurement data has never been easier


Save time by monitoring multiple locations remotely. Access real-time data anywhere with your personal devices by logging in to Jade Smart Cloud. With the browser-based interface you always have access to the latest software – no need to download updates. Firmware updates for your hardware are delivered automatically to keep your system secure.


With Jade Smart Cloud you have access to reliable Vaisala measurements via a cloud monitoring system. Your measurement devices go through a qualified calibration process to ensure the data they gather is always accurate. You can also easily share data from each site with selected users.


Wireless data loggers and access points are always delivered ready to use. Simply install the loggers in the desired locations and you'll see the data flow automatically in the cloud service. No device pairing and no complex system installation – with Jade Smart Cloud you can start to gather and store measurement data immediately.


Getting started with Vaisala Jade Smart Cloud is as simple as unpacking the devices and plugging in the gateway. This efficient, scalable, reliable, and secure cloud-based monitoring system has been developed in response to our customers' increasing need for easy access to high-quality measurements. Adaptability in varying yet demanding measuring environments has now been covered.

Jade Smart Cloud is a modular, scalable and reliable solution

Jade Smart Cloud is a reliable, modular, and scalable wireless monitoring solution. Our devices and gateways all come with connectivity built-in. The system is ideal for demanding environments such as museums and archives, warehouses, and construction sites, as well as other professional monitoring applications. All measurement data is stored safely in the cloud, where it can be accessed via a web browser on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Our gateways have global connectivity to suit scalable global deployments. Do you need system for GxP-regulated environments? See viewLinc Continuous Monitoring System


System hardware

The Jade Smart Cloud hardware selection contains data loggers, access points, and measurement probes. Simply choose the number of measurement points you want, add the probes to match, and start measuring. The system is always delivered ready to use.

Access point

The CA10 cloud access point is a plug-and-play wireless networking device that connects CWL100 wireless data loggers to the Jade Smart Cloud system. Simply connect a power supply and network cable to start the flow of measurement data. You can check the connection status and connected loggers from the device’s built-in display.
Learn more about CA10 Cloud Access Point

Data loggers

The CWL100 wireless data logger is capable of monitoring humidity and temperature in a wide range of environments. It provides flexible measurement capabilities through detachable probes, including humidity and temperature measurement in ambient and other applications. Its long transmission range (>100 m) makes it ideal for professional use in demanding installations.
Learn more about CWL100 Data Logger 

Measurement probes

Compatible measurement probes connected to a CWL100 data logger enable high-quality measurements in a wide range of applications. Probes can be attached directly to a logger or remote probes can be connected via a cable. For the best possible accuracy, a probe with a calibration certificate can be used.

Probe options include: 
HMP115/T - RH+T or T probe, -40...+60°C, ±1.5%RH (0...90%RH)
HMP110 - RH+T probe, -40...+80°C, ±1.5%RH (0...90%RH)
TMP115 - T probe, -196...+90°C
HMP63 - RH+T probe, -40...+60°C, ±3 %RH (0...90%RH)


Jade Smart Cloud application

Get insights easily in real-time. You can choose to see an overview of readings from all your connected loggers or drill down to view data from a specific site or measurement group. Accessing the system couldn’t be easier – all you need is a laptop, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection. 


You can create customized alerts and receive email notifications about environmental conditions. You can monitor real-time data in Vaisala Jade Smart Cloud in the general view, or drill down to each individual measurement point or alert notification. 


The adaptable graphical view provides you with an easy way to spot trends and focus on specific time periods. You can zoom in to view event details or spot tiny variations in measurement values thanks to the one-minute data resolution. 

Access rights

With the help of the comprehensive user management features, you can easily add new users and adjust their access rights according to their role, allowing you to share knowledge and data without compromising your project configuration or settings.


Vaisala Jade Smart Cloud has been created to answer the needs of a global audience. Its versatile user interface supports a variety of languages and conversion from metric to imperial units whenever needed.

Webinar: Benefits of a modern cloud solution for temperature and humidity monitoring

Join the webinar to learn about the technical features of Vaisala Jade Smart Cloud that make it user-friendly and provide peace of mind, such as the robust long-range radio connectivity, easy scalability, regular automatic firmware updates, etc.

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Ideal for a wide range of applications


Use JADE as data logging and conditions monitoring system that allows for long-term record of environmental conditions. It is an ideal cloud-based solution, for example, for exhibition halls, conservation rooms, art storage spaces, archives where humidity and temperature need to be stable and stay at required levels.

The system has the following features and functionalities:

  • Easy access to monitored data with any portable device
  • Grant viewer access for easy sharing of data with external stakeholders (e.g. art lenders, insurance companies)
  • Reliable wireless radio communication from data loggers to access points
  • Continuous storing of real-time measurement data replacing manual data collection
  • Easy plug & play installation with wireless data loggers
  • Easy mounting indoor, outdoor, inside display cases
  • Accessories for easy installation such as radiation shield for outdoor measurements, magnetic mounting bracket for logger, several different probe mounting accessories for easy invisible installation
  • Suitable for monitoring of outdoor conditions as well


Warehousing of specialty goods for example food products such as chocolate and coffee, electronics and electrical parts, paper products, textiles, especially wool, and flowers require specific ambient conditions for the goods to stay undamaged during storage. For this purpose, humidity and temperature need to be kept at required levels at all times.

This can be ensured using JADE cloud-based conditions monitoring system which has the following functionalities and features:

  • High quality calibrated measurement probes to guarantee your customer superior storage conditions
  • Reliable radio technology that is not hindered by high shelves filled with goods that might be blocking direct radio signal.
  • Long-term record of measurement data for reporting on storage conditions at a defined period of time in the past
  • Screw-free magnetic data logger mounting bracket enables easy and trouble-free installations on the metal structures of the shelving system without compromising the structural strength of the system.
  • Easy addition of new loggers and access points in case of system expansion without tricky and time-consuming paring procedures 
  • Interchangeable measurement probes for only minor gaps in the data collection during recalibration of probes.


During restoration or renovation of historical buildings, it is important to ensure ambient humidity and temperature are kept at constant levels in spaces where sensitive materials such as wooden ceiling, wall or floor structures are used. This is required for preserving the structures not planned to be replaced during the renovation process.

Vaisala JADE cloud-based conditions monitoring system is a reliable solution for long-term monitoring of structural moisture.

Book a demo meeting with us to see how easy and convenient the system is.


Ensuring proper indoor air quality in places where the number of people during the day changes frequently, can be challenging. Such places as shopping malls, public buildings, day care centers, schools, etc require real-time data of the air quality which cannot be obtained using the occasional IAQ spotting.

Vaisala JADE conditions monitoring system is an ideal solution for continuous long-term IAQ mapping. Real-time measurement data is securely stored in the cloud and can be accessed from any location with any portable device. Book a demo meeting and learn how to switch from IAQ spot checking to long-term IAQ mapping using Vaisala JADE system.

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Actions speak louder than words, so we would like to offer you your very own Jade Smart Cloud demo meeting. Whatever your application, our measurement experts can build a solution that meets your needs – drop us a line today and we’ll be in touch soon!

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