Vaisala Humidity Calculator

Relative humidity, absolute humidity, wet-bulb temperature, enthalpy, water concentration, and many more. Humidity calculations and conversions made easy.

Vaisala Humidity Calculator makes your complex humidity calculations and conversions easy. It covers all popular parameters and is effortless to use. Calculate several humidity parameters based on only one known value and tolerance.

Make unit conversions on the fly, see the effects of changing ambient conditions, such as temperature and pressure, and adjust ambient conditions accordingly. Vaisala Humidity Calculator includes 2 calculation modes: basic and advanced. Select the one most suitable for your calculation needs.

Vaisala Humidity Calculator includes calculation and conversion for: 

  • Relative humidity
  • Wet-bulb temperature
  • Enthalpy
  • Water concentration
  • Dew point temperature
  • Absolute humidity
  • Water vapor pressure
  • Water concentration (wet basis)
  • Dew/frost point temperature
  • Mixing ratio
  • Water vapor saturation and pressure
  • Relative humidity (dew/frost)
  • Elevation  
  • Gas density 
  • Specific volume

The new calculator works with all modern browsers. The browser recommendation for Windows users is Chrome or Edge, for Android phones Chrome and for iOS phones Safari. The calculator may also be saved as a desktop or phone app from the browser version.



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