viewLinc Continuous Monitoring System

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Customer Reviews:
“After years of working with the system, generating the kind of reports that make auditors happy, we’ve found Vaisala’s viewLinc monitoring system to be bullet-proof.”
Timothy Phelps, Facilities Engineering Manager - Specialty Distribution
“[The] system is easily scalable without extra costs, increases our efficiency with its remote reading abilities and ease of use, and the measurements are very accurate.”
- Mats Andersson, Project Manager, AstraZeneca
The Vaisala Continuous Monitoring System provides:
  • viewLinc software for real-time monitoring and alarming of temperature, humidity and other parameters
  • Alarms are sent via onscreen alert, email, SMS, alarm towers, relay to alarm service, and voice calls
  • Automated historical and alarm reports are saved to viewLinc's secure server
  • Data loggers connect easily -- wired, PoE, Wi-Fi, or VaiNet long-range wireless
  • Scalable from one to thousands of sensing devices
  • Reliable, redundant recording runs parallel to control systems for simplified validation
  • OPC UA and API provide options to integrate viewLinc to other systems
  • Optional on-site calibration services ensure accurate temperature and humidity records

Ideal for monitoring temperature, humidity and more in:

  • GxP Environments 
  • Warehouses
  • Laboratories
  • Cleanrooms

Learn more about viewLinc monitoring, alarming and reporting software.

See the viewLinc CMS device selector guide

For non-GxP regulated environments, see Jade monitoring system.

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viewLinc software
The Vaisala continuous monitoring system is ideal for both light and heavy industrial environments, as well as GxP-regulated applications, the system integrates a wide selection of data loggers, transmitters and Modbus devices to monitor several parameters: temperature, relative humidity, dew point temperature, CO2, differential pressure, door contacts, and more. The viewLinc software is backwards compatible and able to access data created with older versions of the software. Vaisala supports our hardware through the lifetime of your viewLinc system.
Data loggers
Monitoring system data loggers include several probe and mounting options with flexible wired or wireless connectivity; Wi-Fi, Ethernet and PoE. Measurements from Vaisala data loggers are traceable to SI units through national metrology institutes or ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratories. There are intrinsically safe devices for hazardous/explosive areas. For non-Vaisala environmental monitoring systems and Building Automation systems, Vaisala's OPC UA Server software integrates viewLinc data to your existing systems. Alternately, the viewLinc Application Programming Interface enables access to the viewLinc data base with a one‐time programming task.
Services and documentation
Vaisala’s team of engineers, metrologists and technical support experts are committed to ensuring that your continuous monitoring system functions flawlessly for many years. The system comes with a full suite of service options; from calibration services — onsite or in one of our accredited calibration laboratories — to installation, validation services, and support plans. We offer comprehensive documents, including IQOQ protocols and a GAMP-based GxP documentation package.

Key Benefits

Compliant w​ith major regulatory regimes
The heart of the Vaisala viewLinc monitoring system is the viewLinc software that ensures data integrity with an audit trail, access controls, encryption, and authority levels to fulfill regulatory requirements. Compliance is simplified with validatable software, mapping/qualification capabilities, encrypted data and audit trail, optional protocols and GxP documentation, ICH-compliant calibration options. The viewLinc software reports on historical temperature, humidity, or other measurement data comply with GxP guidelines and standards, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EU Annex 11, ICH, etc.
Industry-best sensors, widest range of parameters
Choose from Vaisala’s selection of data loggers, transmitters and probes. Add almost any modbus-enabled device to viewLinc software for unlimited measurement flexibility.
Operates independently, scales easily
For quick, simple validation, viewLinc software operates independently of other control and monitoring systems. viewLinc’s validated data can also be connected via API or OPC to other systems. Scale up easily—from one or two data loggers to thousands. With nine languages included, viewLinc is ideal for multi-site use and global monitoring. The system can manage multiple time zones and report in the local time.
Fully configurable
With a variety of alarm notification options and reports, the system is fully configurable to meet your needs. viewLinc sends alarm notifications through multiple methods, including: onscreen, email, SMS, alarm towers, relay to alarm service, and voice calls. Data is logged continuously and autonomously at the point of measurement ensuring that data is never lost to power or network downtime. Devices can connect to the viewLinc software via Ethernet, PoE, Wi-Fi or Vaisala's secure long-range wireless technology: VaiNet.
Fully supported
Service options include full life-cycle support, including installation, validation, and calibration -- either on-site, or in our accredited calibration laboratories. Select a maintenance agreement that maximizes your system’s availability, lifespan, and performance. Support includes 24/7 access to technicians online or by phone as well as on-demand access to eLearning, documentation and other resources.
Designed for usability and compliance
viewLinc's software interface has been optimized for ease of installation and use. Onscreen guidance shows you how to complete tasks. Reporting options include pre-configured reports that are easy to customize and can be delivered automatically on user-selected schedules. The system makes audits and inspections easy with reliable environmental monitoring data.


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