Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers DL2000

DL2000 Temperature, RH & Analog/Boolean data loggers

Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers DL2000

The Vaisala DL2000 data logger provides highly accurate and stable measurement of temperature and humidity, with an optional analog input channel for other parameters. Along with superior accuracy, the DL2000 data loggers record and store data at the point of measurement ensuring that no data is ever lost to power or network downtime.

Key Benefits

Each logger contains a 10-year battery and onboard memory
With autonomous power and recording capacity, data is immune to network and power interruptions, ensuring that records are secure, not erasable and continuous.
Validate & monitor with same device
The DL-series data loggers can be used as a networked device for continuous monitoring, or a standalone device for validation/mapping. This eliminates the need to purchase multiple devices and calibrations.
Accurate, stable measurements
With superior stability, you have confidence in the system's measurements over a longer calibration interval. Trustworthy data over longer time periods provides lower total cost of ownership of the system.