vNet Power over Ethernet (PoE) Logger Interface

The Vaisala vNet Power over Ethernet (PoE) data logger interface is a network connectivity cradle that connects DL-series data loggers to an Ethernet simply, reliably, and cost-effectively.

Key benefits

Data integrity assured

The vNet provides increased data integrity when used with a UPS to provide backup power. The DL-series data loggers contain batteries and the devices continue to log data in case of power outage.

Cost-saving connectivity, flexible power source

The vNet device eliminates the cost of wiring AC power to each monitored point, but can use option power supply, included but not required when using PoE; in North America: 12 VDC/0.5 A max out, 120 VAC in and international: 12 VDC/1.66A max out, 100-240 VAC in.

Easy to install

DL data loggers in a vNet PoE interface can be installed wherever a LAN cable exists. Deployment is easy with plug-and-play connectivity when using viewLinc Aware function in the monitoring software.