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You are most welcome to have a chat on our booth 80K15 in Hall 8.0 and discover our world-class Indigo product family of probes and transmitters, our reliable continuous monitoring system viewLinc, Polaris our brand new inline liquid concentration measurements for pharmaceutical manufacturing and biotechnology processes and our calibration services! 

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HMP80 and the Indigo80

Vaisala brings portable measurements to its Indigo product family

The Indigo80 handheld indicator extends the Vaisala Indigo product family’s measurement capabilities to portable use. Together with the Indigo80, Vaisala launched two Indigo compatible probes HMP80 and DMP80, complementing the robust Indigo measurement ecosystem for industrial applications.

Refrigerator Monitoring

Continuous monitoring

The viewLinc continuous monitoring system was designed for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and GxP-regulated environments. The system provides real-time monitoring, remote alarming, and Part 11/Annex 11 compliant reporting. Ideal for:

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Warehouses and distribution centers can have subtle fluctuations and highly variable temperature and humidity that only become apparent upon analysis of long-term data. Long-term data shows periodic excursions that a short-term, seasonal mapping study might miss. The information derived from this data can allow you to intelligently reconfigure shelving layouts, product storage, and HVAC system equipment for better control, all year long. In addition, if a sensor failed or lost communication, full visibility of warehouse conditions would still be available. But, is continuous mapping cost prohibitive?

In this webinar, we analyze the actual costs of continuous mapping in your warehouse and distribution applications, as compared to intermittent mapping studies. The results might surprise you, but the data quality and increase in environmental control will definitely excite you.


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Industrial process refractometer in pharmaceutical manufacturing

Inline liquid concentration measurements for pharmaceutical manufacturing and biotechnology processes

Vaisala Polaris™ pharma refractometer is designed for pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing, to measure liquid concentrations inline (in-situ); from laboratory-scale to pilot batches that are used in process development to the production-scale batches needed to support commercialization. This technical solution can improve the understanding of critical process parameters (CCP), reduce drug development time, increase production capacity and stability, improve product quality and safety, as well as demonstrate compliance with regulations. Example applications include processing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), biochemical/biopolymers, including vaccines, antibiotics, proteins and buffer solutions. Perfect PAT tool. 



Smart probes & transmitters

Measure a wide range of parameters in pharmaceutical manufacturing and biotechnology processes with Vaisala’s proven sensing technologies, including: humidity, temperature, hydrogen peroxide, carbon dioxide, compressed air, barometric and differential pressure and more. Vaisala transmitters provide reliable measurements with intelligent, interchangeable, high-performance probe technology.

Liquid concentration measurement

Vaisala offers a wide range of products tailored to liquid measuring needs of different industries. Learn more about the refractometer technology and its applications, and visit the library of product related assets.

The power of in-line Brix- eBook

The power of inline Brix

The eBook provides insights into such critical tasks of food and beverage production as food safety, cost savings, sustainability and resource efficiency and while maintaining the highest product quality. These and other important tasks can be achieved by measuring Brix inline. Discover more by downloading the eBook.