Download Bio-Decontamination Measurement Guide

for Easy Validation of Hydrogen Peroxide Bio-Decontamination

Download our Bio-Decontamination Measurement Guide and ensure easy validation for your bio-decontamination efforts.

The guide includes links to:

  • On-demand webinars about room and isolator bio-decontamination
  • Measurement glossary related to general terms such as hysteresis, non-linearity, resolution, etc.
  • Application notes on bio-decontaminating facilities or isolators, transfer hatches and restricted access barrier systems
  • Measurement technology for measuring relative saturation, relative humidity, temperature and vaporized hydrogen peroxide
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Indigo family video

Vaisala Indigo family includes intelligent, interchangeable measurement probes, optional host devices and free Vaisala Insight PC Software. Having measurement intelligence within the probes means that they are easy to remove, compatible with Indigo host devices and can be integrated into other systems too.

Watch the video or read more!