Download Bio-Decontamination Measurement Guide

for Easy Validation of Hydrogen Peroxide Bio-Decontamination

It is usually not enough to measure just hydrogen peroxide and relative humidity during the bio-decontamination cycle. You should also measure relative saturation to reach truly traceable measurement.

Download our new Bio-Decontamination Measurement Guide and ensure easy validation for your bio-decontamination efforts. The guide includes links to:

  • On-demand webinar material about room and isolator bio-decontamination
  • Measurement glossary related to general terms such as hysteresis, non-linearity, resolution, etc.
  • Application notes on bio-decontaminating facilities or isolators, transfer hatches and restricted access barrier systems
  • Measurement technology for measuring relative saturation, relative humidity, temperature and vaporized hydrogen peroxide
  • ...and more.

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