Vaisala offers tools and services to help keep humidity, dew point, carbon dioxide, and temperature instruments calibrated and functioning properly. Hand-held instruments for all of these parameters are useful for calibrating field instruments and for use as measurement standards.

Vaisala operates calibration laboratories in Europe, North America, Japan, and China. We offer fast turnaround time and the ability to provide accredited calibration services.

Blog: Calibration Risk Assessment - Where do you start?

This blog answers a customer question about  how to perform risk assessment analyses to understand product impact from sensing instruments that have gone out of calibration in GxP-compliant applications. 

Blog: How metrology is connected to daily measurements?

In many cases, people who perform measurements follow best practices without even thinking about it. For example, they instinctively know that measuring the outside temperature in direct sunlight will not give an accurate result. In this blog, Hannu Sairanen, D. Sc. discusses traceability, measurement uncertainty, and measurement technology vs. metrology. 

Vaisala eGuide on Measurement Accuracy & Calibration

This 34-page eGuide will help you determine the most appropriate activities to understand when calibration is recommended and how to ensure measurement performance – whether it means using calibration services or setting up an internal calibration laboratory.

Webinar: GxP-Compliant calibration

In this webinar guest metrologist Heather Wade joins Vaisala's Senior GxP Regulatory expert to outline the practices, processes and regulations governing calibration in GxP-regulated applications. They analyze several calibration-related Form 483s and Warning Letters and Form 483s. 

Metrology related products

Indigo520 with probe

Indigo500 Series Transmitters

The Vaisala Indigo500 series transmitters are host devices for Vaisala Indigo-compatible, stand-alone smart probes. The Indigo500 series include multi-functional Indigo520 transmitter and Indigo510 transmitter with basic features.
DM70 Hand-Held Dewpoint Meter

Handheld Dewpoint Meter DM70

Handheld Dewpoint Meter DM70 for spot-checking applications and field calibration offers accurate and fast measurement for industrial dew point applications, such as compressed air, metal treatment, additive manufacturing as well as food and plastics drying.
Vaisala Insight Software gives quick access to the configurations and data of the Indigo family measurement probes and other supported devices.

Insight PC Software

Vaisala Insight PC Software gives quick access to the configurations and data of the Indigo family measurement probes and other supported Vaisala devices.

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