The power of inline Brix for food and beverage applications

Did you know that switching from lab measurements to inline Brix you can bring immediate savings?

Moving from manual sampling and lab analysis to inline Brix measurement eliminates a range of challenges in food and beverage production.

In this Brix eBook we discuss:

  • why operators are not required on-site if Brix is measured inline
  • how to enforce your product quality and safety with a 3-A Sanitary certified measurement solution.
  • how the newest generation of Vaisala process refractometers can improve efficiency and enable cost saving in simple and the most challenging food processes

Discover useful process optimization ideas in the eBook.

Food and beverage industry user referrals: 

“We produce a range of flavored soft drinks including flavored mineral water and diet drinks. The Vaisala Polaris™ Sanitary Process Refractometer provides us with accurate and repeatable inline Brix measurements for soft drinks blending and product interface detection. We chose the digital refractometer for our production lines as it is not affected by air bubbles or liquid color.”
– Soft drinks producer, Finland

“Previously, we produced approximately one million liters of waste product per year during product changeover on filling lines. Instead of measuring volumetric flow and turbidity, we installed a TS meter on the filling lines and were able to cut our 15-minute product changeover time to the legal minimum of 5 minutes, reducing waste by two-thirds.”
– Dairy, Europe.

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