Refrigerator and Freezer Temperature Monitoring

Reliable Fridge/Freezer Temperature Monitoring

The viewLinc Continuous Monitoring system for freezers and refrigerators provides:


  • Low cost of ownership, easy connectivity to your existing network, remote access to monitored freezers and fridges, and scalability up to thousands of locations
  • Fast installation of remote probes - See the Probe Installation Quick Guide
  • Connectivity options include VaiNet wireless, Wi-Fi, Power over Ethernet
  • Gap-free and protected data records for compliance with USP797, 21 CFR Part 11 and other major regulatory standards
  • 24/7 remote freezer temperature and door alarming via SMS, e-mail, local alerts and more...
  • Custom reports automatically generated and emailed, pre-scheduled or on demand
  • Fast and easy IQOQ validation and on-site installation services for smooth start-up and higher productivity


  • ​Gap-free data recording with complete audit trail. Battery powered loggers are immune to network failures and power outages. Battery life up to 10 years.
  • Easy-to-configure 24/7 fridge/freezer alarming via text, email, local alert, dial-out and more.
  • Fast, simple installation in fridges and freezers with both wired and wireless connectivity.
  • Scalable remote monitoring – from a single fridge, freezer or cold room to multiple facilities, located anywhere in the world.
  • Saves on IT and installation costs by connecting easily to your network.
  • Options for very low temperatures, including temperature data loggers to -90°C (-130°F). 

Refrigerator & Freezer Monitoring with viewLinc

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