Monitoring, Validation and Mapping in Incubators and Test Chambers

Incubators and other test chambers require reliable monitoring to maintain specified temperatures, CO2 concentrations and humidity levels during test and incubation processes. As worldwide regulatory organizations refine and establish guidelines for processing in biotechnology, there is an increasing need for better recording, more customizable reporting, and reliable measurement solutions.

Periodic mapping of temperature or humidity inside environmental growth chambers is important in regulated applications. Performance qualifications must be conducted occasionally to ensure uniform test conditions in incubators or chambers. This mapping is a critical part of the validation process to ensure the equipment meets required performance criteria. 

Another important aspect of monitoring chambers is an alarming function that gives personnel the ability to respond quickly to out-of-tolerance conditions in environmental chambers and incubators.

The Vaisala continuous monitoring system sends alerts to designated personnel if parameters exceed or deviate from test parameters.  The system is secure, browser-based and accessible from any location on your existing network. The viewLinc software allows users to create customized reports that are easily exported to a spreadsheet and are 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. Many of our customers note that trend and historical reports are easy to generate on demand and this often becomes an important aspect of their auditing process by customers and enforcement agencies.

As part of the Vaisala monitoring, alarming and reporting solution, viewLinc ensures accurate, gap-free records for multiple critical test variables, including temperature, humidity and CO2. The system has multiple alarm settings to ensure fast notification in case of any out-of-tolerance chamber events.