CO₂ Probe GMP231

GMP231 CARBOCAP® Carbon Dioxide Probe
GMP231from the side

CO₂ Probe GMP231

The Vaisala CARBOCAP® Carbon Dioxide Probe GMP231 is designed to provide incubator manufacturers with accurate and reliable carbon dioxide measurements and sterilization durability at high temperatures, up to 180 °C. The GMP231 probe is based on Vaisala’s patented CARBOCAP® technology and a new type of infrared (IR) light source. 

The GMP231 probe’s sensor performance is optimized at 5 % CO2  but the sensor measures CO2 up to 20 % with high accuracy. The GMP231 is t's installed through the incubator wall; only the IR sensor and optical components are exposed to the incubation environment. 

In addition, the GMP231 can measure pressure and temperature for CO2 measurement compensation purposes, ensuring the product remains stable and accurate in all CO2 incubation conditions.

The sensor is made of highly durable materials to achieve outstanding stability over both time and temperature. Since water vapor, dust, and most chemicals do not affect measurements, the GMP231 module is ideal for CO2 incubator environments.

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Vaisala CARBOCAP Technology

Key Benefits

Lower risk of cross contamination
The incubator can be sterilized with the GMP231 probe in place. There is no need to decontaminate the probe separately. In addition to reducing the risk of contamination, this also saves time.
Stable and accurate
The materials used in the GMP231 and also the internal pressure and temperature measurements all contribute to the excellent stability and accuracy of the sensor.


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