Probe Replacement Service

The probe replacement service ensures that monitoring of critical environments continues without interruption.​

Get the best accuracy and quality for your probe in our world-class calibration laboratory without downtime, data losses, or extra effort.​​

The service includes:​

  • ​Brand new factory calibrated probe with warranty​
  • An as-found calibration for the original probe​
  • Calibration certificates for both the new and original probe​s

​Available for Vaisala RFL100 and HMT140 loggers. For more information, please see the brochure.​

Key benefits

Easy and fast probe replacement​


When calibration of a probe is required, your personnel can replace the probe in less than a minute without special skills.​

No monitoring downtime or data losses​


The service fulfills regular calibration needs without downtime or data losses. Simply replace the probe and continue monitoring.​

Peace of mind


A new replacement probe comes with a full Vaisala warranty enabling safe monitoring. Official calibration certificates prove the accuracy to meet the needs of internal and external quality requirements and audits.