Calibration and repair services

Vaisala offers comprehensive care through the life cycle of our measurement instruments. Our calibration and repair services are provided worldwide with fast deliveries and convenient logistics. 

High-quality services

Regular calibration of all measurement instruments is essential to ensure the best accuracy. It’s also beneficial to calibrate your instruments at a manufacturer. Learn more in this blog post.

As a manufacturer, Vaisala offers high-quality calibration and repair services. We are able to fulfill all original requirements and the strictest quality standards. Simply return your Vaisala instrument to us for calibration and enjoy a stress-free service.​

How does it work? Watch the video to learn more.

Accredited ISO/IEC 17025 calibration by Vaisala.

Much more than a calibration

We make sure in our comprehensive calibration service that your instrument meets its original specifications.  All our calibrations include:

  • Functional testing
  • Traceable calibration
  • Instrument adjustment as needed
  • Replacement of a filter as needed
  • Calibration certificate and service report
  • Calibration due date update

Also repair services are available for a wide range of Vaisala devices.

Calibration according to your need

Vaisala offers several calibration options for different customer needs. Simply select what’s right for your purpose and let our calibration experts take care of the rest. For data loggers we also offer On-site calibration and Probe replacement services.

Accredited calibration

Accredited Calibration

Calibration for regulated industries and reference instruments

In compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 requirements

Predefined / selectable calibration points

Official calibration certificate included





Standard calibration

Standard Calibration

Original factory calibration performed on new instruments

In compliance with ISO 9001 requirements

Predefined calibration points

Official calibration certificate included

Custom Calibration

Custom Calibration

Configurable calibration for customer specific needs 

In compliance with ISO 9001 requirements.

Selectable calibration points

Official calibration certificate included




Calibration agreement

Freeze your calibration costs for up to 4 years

Our Calibration Care agreement includes planned calibrations for multiple years. It is the most economical and convenient way to maintain the accuracy of your Vaisala measurement instrument  year after year.

As a Care customer you will enjoy multiple benefits from lower calibration costs to faster turnaround times:

  • Planned calibrations for multiple years
  • Transparent pricing without price changes
  • Free shipping to-and-from Vaisala
  • Priority order handling at the Service Center
  • Easy return process from Online portal
  • Access to Vaisala MyLearning
Calibration eguide cover

Learn the secrets to calibration

This extensive guide was written to help the readers and their organizations determine the most appropriate activities to understand when calibration is recommended and how to ensure continuously accurate measurement quality – whether it means using calibration services or setting up an internal calibration laboratory.

Calibration in practice

Learn calibration in practice

How is humidity, temperature or pressure calibration performed in practice? This eGuide will open up calibration in more detailed level. The goal of this eGuide is to assist readers and organizations in determining what commitments will ensure the quality of their measurement efforts. The rationale for calibration and factors that influence the need for calibration are discussed. We hope this guide provides readers with a framework to help them organize their activities.

Vaisala calibration and repair services

Standard calibration

Vaisala Standard calibration is equal to the calibration performed for new Vaisala instruments before those leave the factory. It is a perfect choice when you need to verify that the instrument accuracy matches the original specifications.
On a wall of a laboratory: Temperature and humidity data logger DL2000 – superior accuracy and stable measurement data loggers for temperature and humidity.

Accredited calibration

Accredited calibration is a right option if your instrument is used in regulated industries, used as a reference instrument or your quality standards require a calibration complying with strictest regulations.
Accredited ISO/IEC 17025 calibration by Vaisala.

Custom calibration

Custom calibration is the correct choice if specific points within your instrument’s measurement range are needed.
viewLinc with AP10 and RFL100 in a laboratory setting

Standard ISO 9001 On-site Calibration

Vaisala provides Standard ISO 9001 On-site Calibration Service for selected data loggers and instruments used in Continuous monitoring systems. The service is a convenient alternative when the system downtime is not an option. On-site calibrations are always performed by the Vaisala experts and complemented with an official certificate and documentation package.
Accredited ISO/IEC 17025 calibration by Vaisala.

Repair service

The Repair service is for situations where your Vaisala instrument needs wider repair or component changes in order to return the original performance. Sometimes even the most robust devices may need care during the life time and in those cases our customers can rely on our experts to help.
Indigo520 with display

Instrument Modernization

Even the best measurement instruments may come to an end-of-life phase for example due to broken components or outdated features requiring new investment. No matter the reason you can count our Instrument Modernization services.

Instrument Modification Service

The modification service allows you to change features of your existing Vaisala transmitters as in many cases the device configuration can be changed for new applications.