Handheld Dewpoint Meter DM70

Note that the DM70 handheld is being discontinued. It is replaced by Indigo80 Handheld Indicator and DMP80 Series Handheld Humidity and Temperature Probes. Do not specify DM70 for new projects, instead view Indigo family products that are also designed for use in demanding applications.

Handheld Dewpoint Meter DM70 for spot-checking applications and field calibration offers accurate and fast measurement for industrial dew point applications, such as compressed air, metal treatment, additive manufacturing as well as food and plastics drying.

DM70 measures dew point temperature accurately over a wide measurement range. The probe may be inserted directly into pressurized processes, and it responds rapidly from ambient to process conditions. The sensor withstands condensation and fully recovers from getting wet. The DM70 can also be used as a tool for reading the output of fixed Vaisala dew point transmitters, like the DMT132DMT143 & DMT143LDMT152, and DMT340.

Keen on DM70 handheld dew point meter? You are going to love Indigo80.

Vaisala's Indigo80 Handheld Indicator is an industrial-grade portable meter designed for spot-checking, troubleshooting and calibrating with Indigo-compatible dewpoint probes. Ideal for spot-checking sensor accuracy, as well as short-term data logging and process monitoring, the Indigo80 can communicate simultaneously with up to two Vaisala probes and transmitters to provide accurate measurements for a wide range of parameters.

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DM70 Options

The optional MI70 Link Windows® software in combination with a USB connection cable is used to transfer logged data and real time measurement data from the DM70 to a PC.

Download free MI70 Link Windows® software here.

Where direct measurement is difficult, the DM70 can be used with Vaisala's sampling cells, or with Vaisala DRYCAP Portable Sampling System DSS70A.

The DM70 includes an MI70 indicator and one of the following probe options for different dew point temperatures:

DMP74A -40...+60°C Td
DMP74B -60...+20°C Td
DMP74C -50...+20°C Td (for SF6 gas)


  • Vaisala DRYCAP sensor with unique autocalibration function
  • Three models, accurate measurement ranges from -60°C...+60°C (-76°F...+140°F)
  • Data can be logged and transferred to a PC via MI70 Link software
  • Multiprobe operation; relative humidity and CO2 probes can also be connected to the MI70 indicator
  • Traceable calibration to national standards (certificate included)

Key benefits

Get data quickly

Fast response time enhanced by sensor purge function ensures quick and accurate data.

Reliable measurements

The sensor withstands condensation and fully recovers from getting wet.

Intuitive user interface

Easy-to-use user interface, a clear graphical LCD display, and data-logging capability.

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