Vaisala Expands Weather Radar Offering to Include X-band Radars

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June 5, 2019

Vaisala Expands Weather Radar Offering to Include X-band Radars

Vaisala, a global leader in weather, environmental, and industrial measurement, today announced the development of an advanced X-band Weather Radar. The smaller size and lower cost of an X-band radar will make it an ideal instrument to enhance the weather detection capabilities of a specific location. In difficult terrain, it fills the gaps to reliably detect snow, rain, and other weather activity. Adding X-band radars to an existing network will also improve the accuracy of precipitation measurement, providing better data for flood warnings or hydro-electric power plants, for example. In airport environments, the radar allows for detection of wind shear, wake vortices, convective weather, and even migrating birds.

The new X-band Weather Radar provides highly accurate measurements for a limited area, filling in a gap in a national radar network or delivering precise information for an airport. Severe weather in mountainous areas and gaps under sparse weather radar networks will now be visible when X-band radars are added to the weather radar networks. Airport safety and efficiency will be improved with accurate detection and nowcasting of hazardous conditions.

“X-band radar will enhance a weather detection arsenal, making it even more reliable and accurate,” said Pekka Utela, Director, Weather Radars, Vaisala. “By developing a smaller system allowing simple site selection, as well as providing maximum weather detection sensitivity with automatic and continuous calibration, the new X-band radar will answer the challenges decision-makers face in severe weather situations.”

The intelligence the X-band radar collects will provide significantly improved situational awareness. When integrated with other measurement systems, such as Vaisala C-band Weather Radar or wind lidar, users will get the most comprehensive, real-time data available. At airports, accurate wind shear detection, complemented by lidars, helps optimize take-off and landing sequences, as well as enhancing the safety of flight operations.

The new X-band Weather Radar provides remarkable benefits for the customer:

  • Cost-efficiency — With less maintenance, fewer site visits, durable solid state transmitter and remote operation, X-band’s easy installation and calibration ensures low lifetime cost.
  • High-quality data — Increased sensitivity, improved reliability, and continuous calibration means accurate and consistent data.
  • Outstanding performance — The X-band radar is designed for changing weather conditions to deliver accurate and robust measurement data with higher resolution and better precision for short-range meteorological surveillance.
  • Ease of installation and integration — Easy “plug-and-play” installation and seamless integration allows the X-band to work with existing weather radar systems as well as wind lidars, brought together through Vaisala IRIS software suite.

“The intelligence provided by the unique sensitivity of the new radar will complement systems run by weather services, airports, and even maritime organizations who are monitoring conditions to protect life and property,” said Utela.

Vaisala is a leader in weather radar technology with 15 years of experience producing industry-leading dual polarization C-band weather radars as well as over 30 years of experience in signal processing and software solutions into hundreds of weather radar systems worldwide.

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