Benefits of Measuring CO2 Reliably in Cold Storage Applications

Benefits of Measuring CO2 Reliably in Cold Storages
Industrial Measurements


    Many applications require CO2 to be measured either to ensure the quality of the products themselves, or because of environmental requirements related to safety. CO2 needs to be carefully controlled, for example, in vegetable storage facilities, fruit-ripening rooms, frozen foods, food transportation companies, supermarkets, industrial refrigerators, breweries, wineries, logistics hubs and terminals, and storage and transportation of dry ice.

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    • How to choose and install CO2 instruments in cold storage applications

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    Juhani Lehto

    Product Manager for OEM products

    Juhani Lehto has over ten years of experience in industrial measurements and sensor technology. He holds a Master of Science degree in Technology from the Aalto University of Espoo, Finland.