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Compressed air is a vital component of many industrial processes. It affects the quality of both the process and the end product. What’s more, compressed air often comprises the largest use of electricity in a plant. Since the importance of clean, dry compressed air – and the cost associated with it – is so high, carefully managing and monitoring of it becomes a crucial task for any plant. One of the most important parameters associated with the quality of compressed air is dew point. Read this blog post for information on dew point. By using stable dew point measurement you can avoid over-drying, save energy and protect the equipment from corrosion.

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Optimize your compressed air quality with the right dew point instrument

Dew point measurement combined with pressure measurement offers further unique advantages. When dew point data is coupled with live pressure input, conversions to atmospheric pressure or ppm are available online leaving no ambiguity in the information. As an example, regulative requirements of medical gas can be fulfilled easily and quickly. As a market first, Vaisala launched a product specifically designed to meet this need. The Vaisala Dew point and Pressure Transmitter DPT146 is especially well suited for demanding compressed air applications. For more information, view the sampling cell brochure.

Facts and Figures

  • Stable instruments
  • Fastest wet-to-to dry response time on the market
    Vaisala dew point transmitters incorporate the DRYCAP® sensor for which it takes just minutes to reach an accurate reading after a step change from ambient humidity to a -40°C dew point. 
  • High resistance to contamination
    DRYCAP® sensor is immune to compressor oil and most other chemical contaminants. 
  • Long 2-year calibration interval
    Stable polymer material, advanced auto-calibration and purge features keep the sensor stable for a record time.
  • Easy calibration services
  • Wide variety of instruments
    Lightweight hand-held instruments, configurable &  customized fixed mount transmitters, OEM models and as a market first, a model which combines dew point and pressure measurement.
  • With accurate dew point measurement you can reduce energy consumption by up to 20%.
Firefighters with Oxygen Tanks

Breathing Air Measurement

Bottled/compressed air is used as breathing gas in a number of critical applications such as medical & hospital air and self contained breathing apparatus for rescue personnel.  Dew point monitoring is required for compliance with most medical gas and breathing air regulations. Stringent control guarantees safe breathing conditions for hospital patients and firefighters.

Vaisala offers various dew point transmitters ideal for monitoring breathing air with dew points down to  -80°C and pressures up to 50 bar.

Plastic Molding

Plastics Drying

Dryer performance is critical when moisture sensitive materials, such as PET resin and nylon, are dried prior to molding. Dew point measurement can be used to monitor a dryer’s performance or conditions in the hopper, assuring that the drying process remains within specification. 

Vaisala has a range of stable and reliable dew point transmitters both for OEM configurations as well as for end users.

For those who prefer a direct measurement of humidity or dew point temperature within the hopper, which can correlate to moisture content of the material in the hopper, Vaisala offers a portable sampling system DSS70A to be used with a hand-held meter DM70.

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Handheld Dewpoint Meter DM70

for spot-checking applications
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DMT132 Dewpoint Transmitter for Refrigerant Dryers

Dew Point Meter DMT132

for refrigerant dryers
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DMT152 Dewpoint Transmitter for Low Dew Point Measurement in OEM Applications

Dew Point Transmitter DMT152

Dew point measurement in very dry environments
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