DMP80 DRYCAP® handheld probe for dew point and temperature

For spot-checking and calibrating dew point measurements

The DMP80 probes are compatible with Indigo80 handheld device. Part of the Indigo family of probes and transmitters, the DMP80 is optimized for portable data logging and measurement spot-checking of process dew point measurements in a wide range of temperatures and pressure ranges. Robust against particulate contamination, condensation, oil vapor, and most chemicals, the DMP80 provides fast reaction time, long-term stability, and unmatched performance in dynamic and low dew point applications. For device analytics and configuration, the DMP80 probes can be connected to Vaisala Insight software for Windows®.

Key Benefits

  • Ideal for field calibration. To maintain probe accuracy, Vaisala offers accredited, traceable probe calibration
  • Suitable for both ambient and pressurized processes
  • Optimized for portable measurements with integrated handle design, suited for direct process measurements
  • IP67-classified for protection against moisture and dust, robust cable connection 
  • Superior stability ensured by sensor warming to prevent condensation and sensor purge to improve long-term chemical resistance
  • Compatible with Indigo80 handheld device, and Insight PC software

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