Paradigm shift in building ventilation: Future requirements for Demand Controlled Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality

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The goal of energy efficiency and the need for good indoor air quality intersect with the application of demand-controlled ventilation systems. Today, our understanding of Indoor Air Quality is under transition. Researchers have recently called for a “paradigm shift” in the approach to ventilation and indoor air quality to reduce the spread of respiratory infections. Also, the increasing pollution level of outdoor air has an impact on indoor air quality and will require careful consideration in ventilation controls. What are the future requirements for Demand Controlled Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality?

From productivity to health and safety, properly executed ventilation can help improve conditions for building occupants who spend significant amounts of time indoors. Precise measurement is the key to an efficient and effective ventilation system, and the seemingly simple task of HVAC measurements can involve a lot of detail.

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This 45-minute webinar is aimed at HVAC engineers, ventilation designers, building automation specialists, energy efficiency professionals, and others interested in improving building ventilation.

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Anu Kätkä


The webinar is hosted by Anu Kätkä, who represents Global Product Management at Vaisala Industrial Measurements. She has extensive experience in building automation and management systems as well as metering and monitoring solutions.