Vaisala HVAC eBook for better indoor air quality and productivity

Download our HVAC eBook to improve IAQ and human productivity with proper ventilation control

Vaisala HVAC eBook for professionals

Insufficient ventilation decreases human wellbeing and productivity substantially. Better indoor air and ventilation have a positive impact on productivity and the gains of better ventilation range between 2% and 18%, with many studies. With accurate CO2, temperature and humidity measurement, both energy efficiency and employee well-being can be achieved simultaneously. As an example, companies with over 1,000 employees reach savings worth millions of euros, even with the most careful estimates.

This eGuide will give you a practical approach on:


  • how to select the correct type of sensor for different types of facilities and outdoor HVAC controls
  • how to install the sensors
  • case examples from different types of environments
  • product and service examples


You will also get our answers to specific customer questions from our such as:


  • “Won’t a relative humidity sensor mounted on the roof give false readings because of the heat/sun?”
  • “My RH and Temp probe is placed in a dirty environment, can the sensor inside the probe be cleaned?”
  • “I would like to measure CO2 in a building that is occupied 24/7. I don't know how often calibration will happen, how stable will my measurement be?”


Throughout our over 85-year history, we have succeeded together with our customers for example by helping with the preservation of the most valuable artwork, such as Mona Lisa, to control ventilation and air conditioning at real estates, commercial buildings, and metro stations for the comfort of commuters. Please let us know if you have any questions, application needs, or feedback.

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