Plan of Action: Calibration resources to optimize measurement performance

HM70 Handheld Humidity and Temperature Meter

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Join us for a Vaisala webinar to find out how calibration tools help you to optimize measurement performance.

Industries depend on sensor measurements to help meet goals of efficiency and automation, and the responsibility to maintain those measurements has a direct effect on those outcomes. As with all precision instrumentation, environmental and process measurement sensors are not maintenance-free, and require service to ensure that they provide reliable and accurate data. At Vaisala, we provide not only some of the most stable and dependable measurement solutions, but also the means to maintain them at the highest levels.

In this 30 minute webinar, Vaisala's Justin Walsh & Joseph Ratacik will discuss how proper calibrations, and the resources to provide them, affect the performance of industrial systems and controlled environments.

Topics include:

  • Lifecycle costs of measurement
  • Calibration methods, Pros & Cons
  • Portable instruments for calibration
  • Where to find resources and support


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Justin Walsh | Vaisala

Justin Walsh

Business Development Engineer

Justin has been working with electro-chemical and industrial measurement technologies since 2003, ensuring product quality, measurement accuracy and environmental safety. His experience includes application support for leading sensor companies, environmental consulting, emergency planning and response with the US EPA, and a degree in Environmental Engineering.

Vaisala Joe Ratacik

Joseph Ratacik

Service Sales Specialist

Joseph just celebrated his ninth work anniversary with Vaisala this year. Over the years he’s been able to gain experience in a few different roles in both sales and service at the Boston office. Joseph started as a service technician and moved from that role to product modernization specialist, tech support, as well as a service coordinator for the Industrial and Weather divisions. Today he brings his service experience to the sales organization on the inside sales team.