Future of Ventilation: Viewpoints on Air Quality, Health Security and Sustainability

Future of ventilation
Buildings and Indoor Air Quality
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Ventilation systems are notorious for consuming a lot of energy. What if there was a way to cut down the costs without compromising the indoor conditions? Join the webinar to watch the expert discussion on what are the most effective methods to reduce HVAC energy consumption while improving the quality of indoor air. In the webinar, Professor Emeritus Olli Seppänen from Aalto University, Finland, and Anu Kätkä from Vaisala's Global Product Management go through what there is to expect in the future of ventilation.


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Gain the professional perspective on the latest scientific knowledge on how your HVAC system should be performing and why.

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  • What can we expect from demand-controlled ventilation in the future
  • Reducing energy consumption - how can CO2-driven ventilation help save energy
  • Improving indoor air quality what to measure and how

This webinar is essential if you work with HVAC systems as an HVAC engineer, ventilation designer, building automation specialist, energy efficiency professional, and others interested in improving building ventilation.

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Olli Seppänen


The guest speaker in the webinar is Professor Emeritus Mr. Olli Seppänen from Aalto University, Finland. He has a +40-year background in IAQ and ventilation research and development globally.

Mr Seppänen has served as the President of ISIAQ, REHVA, SCANVAC, FINVAC, Indoor Air, RoomVent and Healthy Buildings Conferences, Nordic Ventilation Group,
and as member in several committees, including ASHRAE Environmental Health Committee, European Standards TC156 for IAQ and ventilation, ASHRAE  AASA for Governmental Affairs and WHO Technical Expert Advisory Panel for COVID‑19.

Anu Kätkä


The webinar is hosted by Anu Kätkä, who represents Global Product Management at Vaisala Industrial Measurements. She has extensive experience in building automation and management systems as well as metering and monitoring solutions. 

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