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All important developments in the field of process instrumentation are gathered in Antwerp Expo during M+R 2023, the largest Benelux event on this theme.

You are welcome to visit Vaisala booth #3033 to discuss your measurement needs.

Vaisala's distributor Elscolab at booth #3173 is welcoming you on their stand to discuss liquid concentration measurement solutions and Vaisala solution, the MGP-series instruments, for biogas production and upgrading.

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HMP80 and the Indigo80

Vaisala brings portable measurements to its Indigo product family

The Indigo80 handheld indicator extends the Vaisala Indigo product family’s measurement capabilities to portable use. Together with the Indigo80, Vaisala launched two Indigo compatible probes HMP80 and DMP80, complementing the robust Indigo measurement ecosystem for industrial applications.


Smart probes & transmitters

Measure a wide range of parameters in pharmaceutical manufacturing, biotechnology processes and other life science applications with Vaisala’s proven sensing technologies, including: humidity, temperature, hydrogen peroxide vapor, carbon dioxide, dew point, barometric pressure, differential pressure and more. Vaisala transmitters provide reliable measurements with intelligent, interchangeable, high-performance probe technology.

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Indigo Family Video

Indigo family video

Vaisala Indigo family includes intelligent, interchangeable measurement probes, optional host devices and free Vaisala Insight PC Software. Having measurement intelligence within the probes means that they are easy to remove, compatible with Indigo host devices and can be integrated into other systems too.

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Vaisala Jade Smart Cloud is a cloud-based data service for monitoring drying conditions, concrete, and ambient moisture on construction sites. The service consists of data loggers with humidity and temperature probes, one or more access points, and a software license that gives access to the cloud where data can be viewed remotely. Jade Smart Cloud is also designed for the borehole method where the humidity probe is left in the borehole until an equilibrium state has been formed and humidity values can be read. Using Jade Smart Cloud allows you to check the data on your mobile phone, tablet or PC without having to travel to the measurement location.  

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Actions speak louder than words, so we would like to offer you your very own Jade Smart Cloud demo meeting. Whatever your application, our measurement experts can build a solution that meets your needs – drop us a line today and we’ll be in touch soon!

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The power of in-line Brix- eBook

The power of inline Brix

The eBook provides insights into such critical tasks of food and beverage production as food safety, cost savings, sustainability and resource efficiency and while maintaining the highest product quality. These and other important tasks can be achieved by measuring Brix inline. Discover more by downloading the eBook.

Vaisala K-PATENTS process refractometers for pharmaceutical manufacturing

Refractive index for pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing

Ensure safe, consistently high-quality products with minimal variability with Vaisala's robust measurement technology. In-line, real-time measurement supports the PAT regulatory framework. Read our eBook to learn more about how manufacturers can monitor critical quality attributes, prevent rejects, and ensure high-quality products with minimum variability. 


Best practices for food ingredients processing

Best practices for food ingredients processing

Processing of functional and nutritional food ingredients plays a decisive role in the final product's safety, quality and shelf-life. 

In this eBook, we have compiled the best practices for efficient, sustainable, and safe processing of food ingredients.

Download the eBook to learn how the in-line digital refractometer measurement can provide you with easy remote process diagnostics based on advanced optical image detection, raw measurement data and diagnostic values.

Chemical and textile fibers

Liquid concentration measurement in chemical and textile fibers

This eBook can be interesting for chemical and textile fiber fabricators and processors. It provides insights on the most common fiber and textile processes, and explains the role of in-line instrumentation for automatic and precise control of raw materials and solvents in these processes. The process optimization benefits include but are not limited to energy and material savings. Discover more by downloading the eBook.







Guide to measuring the key parameters in your biogas plant

Anaerobic digestion has proven to be the most efficient technology for fermenting biodegradable solid waste. Adding valuable by-products such as biogas and fertilizers to the equation, it is no wonder that the amount of biogas plants is rapidly growing. Biogas plants also have an important role in improving the nutrient cycle on the planet.

This eGuide will give you practical information on how to improve your biogas process with accurate measurement and control. This will result in improved profitability and lower operating expenses. We hope you find the information useful and fruitful for your business.

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