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eBook: Best practices for the processing of functional and nutritional ingredients

Stay ahead of the game and learn the best practices for sustainable food ingredients processing

How can food ingredients producers ensure food safety and high product quality while reducing waste and energy?

By utilizing accurate in-line Brix and dry solids measurement, it is possible to optimize all processing steps starting from the raw material intake and all the way to the final product quality control. 

In this eBook we have gathered the best practices for the processing of functional and nutritional ingredients such as pectin powder, yeast extract, whey, herbal extracts, monosodium glutamate (MSG), carob powder, trehalose, xylitol, lactulose, sodium caseinate, lactoferrin, and potassium lactate.

Download the eBook to learn the details of the optimized production of the food ingredients by 

  • spray drying
  • fermentation
  • solvent extraction
  • distillation
  • crystallization
  • ultra and nanofiltration 

In these applications, product quality and process control are performed using a digital in-line Vaisala Polaris sanitary refractometer that provides unique remote process diagnostics based on advanced optical image detection, raw measurement data, and diagnostic values.

Here’s what our customers say about the measurement:  
“Accurate Brix measurement that is not affected by color, air bubbles, particles, fruit pulp, flow or pressure changes, vibration, or temperature shocks.” 

“No laborious sampling and measurement errors. Operators can now concentrate on other important tasks.”  

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Food Ingredients eBook


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