Liquid concentration measurement in chemical and textile fibers


Reducing the environmental impact 

Download this eBook to benefit from a general overview as well as individual case examples examining different elements of application control in the chemical and textile fiber industry.

In this eBook, we provide insights into how fiber companies can achieve better sustainability with focusing on process monitoring and optimization. We provide information on the most common fiber and textile processes where in-line Refractive index measurement technology can be applied, particularly on automatic and tight control of various raw materials and solvents.

Key topics at the eBook:

•    How fiber production can be made more efficient and sustainable through smarter measurement techniques and process automation

•    Examples of benefits, e.g. energy and material savings in different processes

•    Introduction to Vaisala K-PATENTS® Process Refractometer and measurement principle 

•    Summary of generic applications in the chemical industry process units.

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