Refractive index for pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing

Did you know that Vaisala’s pharma refractometers are a perfect PAT tool, and support real-time quality testing?

Vaisala’s pharma refractometers are smart in-line liquid measurement instruments for reliable and reproducible measurements in various pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing processes. The measurement provides profound understanding of the process through continuous data collection, and without the risk of contamination. 

Design quality, safety, and efficacy into the process with the help of Vaisala’s pharma refractometers. 

In this eBook we discuss:

  • new ways for pharmaceutical companies to monitor critical quality attributes in both continuous and batch processes
  • opportunities to reduce production cycle times, increase production capability, prevent rejects, and eliminate human error in order to ensure safe, consistently high-quality products with minimal variability
  • a new technology to measure liquids along with its benefits in different applications
  • experience from customers who have taken the technology into use. 

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Customer testimonials

“Monitoring RI simplified our production and increased yield by over 6 %!”

-Pharmaceutical manufacturer, Europe


“The refractometer instantly identifies the virus fraction and diverts it to the right containers. This helps us meet quality and delivery targets.”

- Vaccine manufacturer, Netherlands 


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