Automotive Paint Booths and Engine Testing

Car Engine Closeup

Engine Testing

Dynamometer testing often occurs at very low and very high temperatures. High reliability and uptime are desirable in test cell instrumentation. 

Vaisala’s BAROCAP® barometers and HUMICAP® humidity and temperature transmitters have operating ranges wide enough to accommodate virtually any test condition. A remote probe with sensor heating is available for condensing conditions. Other options include graphical display of history and measurement trends, data collection and transfer to PC, and flexible calibration. Also, a new Indigo520 transmitter equipped with barometric pressure measurement combined with Indigo compatible humidity and temperature probes offers three-in-one measurements in one device.

Auto Paint Booth

Automotive Paint Booths

Modern automotive paints are sensitive to environmental conditions during application. Humidity control of the facility, paint booth and compressed air assures an efficient process and a high quality finish. 

Vaisala provides accurate humidity and dew point instruments with extremely low long-term drift, flexible installation options, and chemically durable sensors. In addition, Vaisala offers a family of intrinsically safe humidity instruments for hazardous locations. These instruments must be properly installed with appropriate safety barriers or isolators. Always refer to the User's Manual for complete information regarding the installation and wiring of intrinsically safe instruments.

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