Vaisala Polaris™ PR53GP Probe Process Refractometer

Measure concentrations of sugars/Brix, acids, alkaline solutions, alcohols, hydrocarbons, solvents, and various other solutions directly in pipelines and tanks, in production transport and perform quality control in sugar, chemical, petrochemical, and other industries.

The Vaisala Polaris PR53GP probe process refractometer is the concentration measurement solution of choice for sugar, chemical, petrochemical, and other industries. Optional cooling cover is available for processes where extreme temperature is common. 

Typical applications include crystallizers, wet scrubbers, reactors, transport pipelines, and blending and distillation operations.

Built for sugar industry

The Vaisala Polaris PR53GP process refractometer is best suited measurement device for the sugar crystallization process when paired with the Zutora SeedMaster-4, as well as in various steps when processing sugar crops to crystals and other products. 

The PR53GP is built for sugar industry inside out. On the inside, our special image detection algorithm for sugar crystallization enables accurate mother liquor concentration measurements during crystallization strike and especially when the crystals form. On the outside, the design is built to resist high heat, both ambient and process. Full measurement range covers 0 -100 Brix, which makes the product ideal for sugar manufacturing. Vaisala’s product comes with bolted flange refractometer options for highest operator safety. A special partner network is ready to serve you, including commission and start-up.

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Best suited for petrochemicals production

Eliminate sampling, improve product consistency and optimize your processes. Easier than ever. The Vaisala Polaris PR53GC Process Refractometer measures inline and feeds the results to control systems. It helps improve operator safety and frees them to focus on other important tasks.

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Inline chemical concentrations measurement

For harsh conditions and corrosive chemicals - drift-free, recalibration-free real-time measurement for unbeaten final product quality. Discover application examples in our application notes.


Cut out for sweeteners manufacturing

Inline accurate and reliable measurement of total dissolved solids (TDS) for syrup preparation and proper crystals formation.
Discover application examples from our application notes.

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For installation in small pipelines and bypass lines

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Key benefits

Process connections and special alloy materials

The PR53GP has a range of clamp and flange connections as well as special flow cells for process connection. Special alloy materials are also available for demanding environments. 

Ask options from your local distributor or Vaisala sales! 

Widest concentration curve library

Vaisala’s application base for chemical industry is astonishing, currently we offer over 500 different concentration curves, and the library is ever growing. Start your measurement with factory pre-installed concentration curve, just install and enjoy accurate measurements.

Customizable product with our Engineer to Order service

In addition to wide standard process connection offering, Vaisala offers an opportunity to customize the product to meet specific processing needs whether it is a special process connection, wetted parts material, custom size flanges or custom type enclosure for transmitters (Ex d/Ex p).

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Always accurate, no drift

The measurement is based on optical measurement of the refractive index (RI). The RI can be measured from practically any liquid or slurry, and it is sensitive to dissolved material. Bubbles, particles or color do not affect the measurement. 

Plug & play to Indigo

The process refractometers can be connected to Vaisala Indigo520 transmitter to expand features, including data storage, graphical interface, analog and digital interface.

Easy mounting

The Vaisala Polaris™ PR53GP can be installed in standard flanges making it easy to mount to process line, and with the optional cooling cover accessory, the instrument tolerates high process pressure and high process temperatures. Optional flange mounted pipe flow cell installation accessory allows flange mounted installation to wide variety pipe sizes.

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