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Towards greener future with zero emissions
Marc Xiong , Senior Sales Manager
Marc Xiong
Senior Sales Manager
Industrial Manufacturing and Processes
Industrial Measurements

The automotive industry is going through a major change driven by sustainability and a greener future with zero-emission targets. But it is not enough that the vehicles themselves are sustainable – the manufacturing process must be too.

Vaisala’s high-quality measurement technology helps vehicle manufacturers conserve energy, reduce emissions, and improve process quality control.

Our measurement solutions are used throughout the vehicle manufacturing process, including in painting, three-coordinate room, automotive environmental test chambers, and engine and fuel-cell test benches. They are also used for compressed air dew point monitoring, covering the whole production process. 

Vaisala's temperature and humidity sensors
provide accurate measurements for environmental simulations,
which aim to test a vehicle and its behavior in different
extreme conditions, including air flow,
altitude, temperature, vibration and
pressure, weather, and corrosion.


The leading choice for fuel cell and battery manufacturing

With the automotive industry shifting to decarbonization and electrification, one of the biggest current trends includes developing new fuel sources for electrification such as hydrogen fuel cells.

Vaisala’s products have been an essential part of manufacturing the current mainstream automotive engines and in the development of them, and Vaisala offers measurement solutions to new engine technologies, including lithium batteries and fuel cells.

In fact, our dew point instruments are the first choice for the manufacturing of lithium batteries as the lithium battery manufacturing process is very demanding and require sensors that are corrosion resistance and can handle the extreme manufacturing conditions.

Fuel cells are in the development phase and a promising opportunity to replace combustion engines. Water is near saturation state during the fuel cell reaction process, creating highly demanding conditions for measurement devices. Vaisala's humidity sensor is optimal for the fuel cell environment and is widely used by researchers and manufacturers in the industry as an important component of hydrogen fuel cell test benches.

Overall, Vaisala’s sensors offer accuracy and long-term stability for automotive manufacturing, now and in the future. 

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