Accredited Calibration

Accredited Calibration

Accredited Calibration

Many industries are required by regulatory bodies to comply with strict quality standards. Vaisala offers calibration services accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 by the world’s leading accreditation authorities. Vaisala accredited calibration service complies with the strictest regulations.


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Key Benefits

In compliance with ISO/IEC 17025
Calibration is performed and certificates are issued in compliance with the requirements of the ISO/IEC 17025 and are recognized by all the major international accreditation organizations.

ISO/IEC 17025 is the international standard used to accredit testing and calibration laboratories for measured quantities.
Ensures long-term data accuracy
Vaisala calibration includes always the adjustment for the best accuracy and high-quality calibration certificate.

Also, a comprehensive functional testing is carried for the instrument to ensure the instrument is performing as originally delivered.
Using manufacturers accredited calibration service is a cost effective decision in many ways.

Accredited calibration provider has been audited by world’s leading accreditation authorities. – no need to do it yourself. If needed, Vaisala as a manufacturer is able to adjust or repair the instrument on the same visit.