Laboratory Environmental Monitoring

Wireless temperature and humidity data logger

The viewLinc continuous monitoring system provides reliable data, a secure audit trail, and reports that comply with Part 11/Annex 11. The system aids in compliance with Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the Joint Commission (JC), and other regulatory regimes. Reduce the risk of lost product or failed audits in your laboratory environments with the viewLinc continuous monitoring system.

How to Install Wireless COMonitoring for Incubators


What customers say about monitoring laboratory applications with viewLinc:

 “Originally we installed the [viewLinc] system in our ultra-low temperature freezers and a cryogenic freezer. After installing the loggers in freezers, we installed more data loggers in the pharmacy. Later we expanded the system to our refrigerators and to monitor ambient temperature and humidity.”
Dr. Leonardo Motta - University of Caxias do Sul

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“The simple Web-based operation, access for all users, as well as automated printouts of reports were important advantages for us. The system-supervising lab technicians no longer have to send manual reports, as they are now created and sent automatically, leaving more time for core scientific tasks.”

Ralf Freese, Medical Director, Director, Business & Corporate Development at CTC North

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