Developing our people

Developing Our People

Our competitive strength originates in our highly capable personnel. We encourage our employees to take the initiative to improve their capabilities, promoting an active approach to career planning. Learning is present through one’s whole career in Vaisala, both through structured programs and through learning on the job and getting valuable first-hand experience.

Vaisala’s approach to competence development combines internal and external learning programs, co-operation with universities and researchers, job-rotation, international assignments, mentoring and coaching processes. Vaisala maintains a comprehensive e-learning platform to complement other learning methods. The online eLearning environment hosts more than 40 interactive modules.

Vaisala has a mentoring program to support the professional development of its employees. We use mentoring as a method of accelerating employee development and provide learning
opportunities for both the mentor and the mentee. The program is a structured, goal oriented 12–18 month process where mentees and mentors build a professional relationship. It consists of a facilitated kick-off session, coaching activities during the program as well as a facilitated

The tenth global Vaisala Business Learning Program is ongoing, extending leadership skills especially in strategy, customer focus, personal growth and financial performance. The program is about the future of Vaisala and each one is a strategic investment to develop the talent within our organization by broadening the perspectives of a selected group of managers and experts. Participants for the program are selected and approved by Vaisala Management Group.