Wind Resource Assessment

Everything depends on your initial resource assessment, so get the complete picture with modern lidar solutions.

New WindCube enhancements

New innovations and services extend the frontiers for the most accurate, trusted and proven lidar for Wind Resource Assessment (WRA).

WindCube has long been one of the most accurate and proven lidars on the market, deployed in both simple and complex terrains. These new capabilities extend the frontiers even further so you can leverage WindCube almost anywhere, in all types of environments.

New WindCube enhancements

Video: Elevated Wind Resource Assessment

Wind resource assessment is a crucial, pressure-filled stage in wind energy development. And legacy technologies, such as met masts, are showing their limitations with today’s larger turbines — especially for offshore projects.

The WindCube® series of vertical profiling and 3D scanning lidars are accurate, rigorously validated, cost-effective supplements (or replacements) for met masts and other technologies. Developers around the globe are using WindCube to reduce risk, improve bankability and decision-making, and make better investments.

Three ways to learn how lidar is becoming standard for WRA

eBook: WRA is a make-or-break point for any wind farm project, onshore or offshore. Here’s where the technology stands today, presented by industry experts from Deutsche WindGuard® and Vaisala.

Quick guide: This list of 12 resources includes solutions, case studies, reports and more for valuable insights about using lidar for WRA — today and into the future.

Webinar: Watch now for a discussion about the current practices and acceptance of ground-based lidar for Wind Resource Assessment. You’ll hear what have others learned through experience, and how can you use their guidance to help ensure your success.

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Why Remote Sensing is the New Standard in Wind Energy

This detailed ebook explains how lidar works, why it is such a valuable tool for wind energy, and why WindCube is the most trusted lidar solution out there.


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