Wind Resource Assessment

Achieving bankability with wind lidar

Explore this Knowledge Brief to understand how to use lidar for successful – and bankable - Wind Resource Assessments.

Achieving bankability with wind lidar

Pioneering the gold standard in science, innovation and support

Today WindCube lidars are backed by the best science and metrology and validated by the most demanding testing and certifications in the industry. Just as important, our unparalleled global service and support ensures you can count on us onshore, offshore, and worldwide.

Pioneering the gold standard in science, innovation and support

Elevated Wind Resource Assessment


Wind resource assessment is a crucial, pressure-filled stage in wind energy development. And legacy technologies, such as met masts, are showing their limitations with today’s larger turbines — especially for offshore projects.

The WindCube® series of vertical profiling and 3D scanning lidars are accurate, rigorously validated, cost-effective supplements (or replacements) for met masts and other technologies. Developers around the globe are using WindCube to reduce risk, improve bankability and decision-making, and make better investments.

Two ways to learn how lidar is becoming standard for WRA


eBook: WRA is a make-or-break point for any wind farm project, onshore or offshore. Here’s where the technology stands today, presented by industry experts from Deutsche WindGuard® and Vaisala.

Webinar: Watch now for a discussion about the current practices and acceptance of ground-based lidar for Wind Resource Assessment. You’ll hear what have others learned through experience, and how can you use their guidance to help ensure your success.

Onshore, offshore, worldwide eBook

Onshore, offshore, worldwide

How lidar is raising the bar for today's wind measurement campaigns.


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