How lidars are supporting wind industry innovation

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Wind and Solar Energy 


Lidar in wind energy is already widely used in all phases of a wind project. But what are some new, emerging use cases for lidar?

Join us to learn how these versatile remote sensing solutions are being used in new and innovative ways.

We are excited to partner with an offshore wind developer in Asia, as well as several renowned industry scientists and researchers who will discuss pioneering methods to leverage lidar in wind energy.

Our team of experts will discuss: 

  • Overview of innovative use cases for lidar onshore and offshore
  • Results of using nacelle lidar for wake steering wind farm control experiments
  • Measuring turbine power loss as a function of yaw misalignment
  • Utilizing ships to conduct pre-assessment of wind resources very far offshore
  • Leveraging Floating Lidar Systems far offshore for Wind Resource Assessment

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Webinar speakers: 

Peter Rosenbusch

Scientific Director – Wind Energy, Vaisala

Dr. Julia Gottschall

Senior Scientist, Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems IWES

Eric Simley

Researcher, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Atsushi Yoshimura

Assistant Manager, Green Power Investment Co., Ltd.