eBook: How lidar is becoming standard for Wind Resource Assessment


Met masts have been the primary measurement technology for Wind Resource Assessment (WRA), but lidar is quickly gaining ground. Offshore, Floating Lidar Systems and fixed lidar installations have almost completely replaced them. Onshore, the number is about 10% — and growing. 

It’s easy to see why lidar is becoming standard for WRA: Speed of deployment, measuring capabilities and accuracy with ever-growing hub heights, cost, mobility, and reusability to name a few. 

What is the status of lidar for WRA today? This guide provides some answers to that question with information from two industry experts: Axel Albers of Deutsche WindGuard®, a world-leading service provider to renewable energy stakeholders, and Hugues Portevin of Vaisala, a globally trusted provider of wind and weather measurement and insight solutions including the WindCube® family of wind lidars.

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