Validation mapping kit

A reliable, easy-to-use alternative to thermocouple-based equipment, bulky data acquisition systems, and less robust data loggers. Ideal for stability chambers, refrigerators, freezers, incubators, warehouses, ambient environments and other demanding studies. The mapping kit comprises the vLog VL software, vLog's IQOQ, and Vaisala's data loggers including:

  • Temperature: -90 to 70 °C, up to 0.1 °C accuracy and 0.02 °C resolution
  • Relative Humidity: 10 to 90 % RH up to 1 % accuracy and 0.05 % resolution
  • Measurement accuracy specified for one year, eliminating the need for frequent calibration
  • View a sample of vLog's IQOQ document.

Vaisala mapping service is currently available in Great Britain, Europe, and Japan.

The mapping kit comprises Vaisala vLog VL software, the vLog IQOQ, and your choice of Vaisala's highly accurate data loggers. The software is secure and easy to use and the data loggers are equipped with Vaisala's industry best sensors. With superior accuracy and minimal long-term drift, the mapping kit ensures confidence in study results. Stable sensors eliminate the need to re-run studies and open deviation investigations by providing data you can trust, every time. See report samples.


Large onboard memory allows mapping studies of almost any length
Compact, battery powered loggers mean no complex wiring or lengthy setup
All files are encrypted and reports are 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11 compliant
Optional, comprehensive IQ/OQ protocols save time and costs
Batch set-up, download, and audit trail filtering make report analysis fast and easy
Localized versions of vLog software are available in Chinese, Japanese and French
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Key Benefits

High quality, easy-to-configure reporting
Display temperature and humidity on one or separate graphs. User-configured limit lines give a quick indication of study results. Use vLog's template reports or configure your own, including: statistics, minimum/maximum/average values, mean kinetic temperature and other calculations, or export generic .csv files for further analysis.
Industry best measurement reliability
​Small, thermistor-equipped data loggers are easy to place and won't interrupt normal operations during validation studies. Simply place the loggers, run the software, and begin mapping. The data loggers' onboard memory, long-life battery, and stable temperature and humidity sensors let you focus on test results, instead of time-consuming setup and re-calibrations.
Secure record traceability and data integrity
With a validated audit trail, no action within the mapping system is unrecorded. Data is secure and tamper-proof, ensuring reports comply with 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11. For added security and simplicity, the vLog VL software uses your existing password authentication to integrate enterprise security features into your mapping studies.

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