Temperature & humidity mapping service

For warehouses, chambers, and controlled environments
Understanding the critical process parameters of a controlled environments crucial to the safe and effective use of that space for manufacturing, storing, processing and distributing pharmaceuticals, biologicals, and medical devices. Vaisala mapping/validation service ensures that you fully understand the variability of conditions and qualify controlled environments.

This service includes:

  • Thermal mapping and analysis of environments
  • Mapping equipment used during the service
  • Mapping study documents

Vaisala mapping service is currently available in Great Britain, Europe, and Japan. However, we offer mapping data loggers, equipment and expertise also in other regions. For more information, please contact your local sales team.

Key Benefits

Understand your environment


Vaisala Mapping/Validation service provides accurate data on the dynamics and conditions of a controlled environment. In many industries, this is crucial in order to qualify the area or equipment for its intended use.

Better decision-making


Mapping studies document the dynamics of temperature, and sometimes humidity, in controlled environments. This data enables you to make better decisions. Proper documentation of the process will ensure compliance with global regulatory regimes, standards and guidelines.

Quality and expertise


Mapping service is performed by Vaisala experts or certified partners using Vaisala's mapping equipment and procedures. You can trust that the resulting documentation will meet highest quality standards.