vLog VL software

for validation/mapping of GxP environments

The vLog system is the most accurate and effective solution for understanding your environments and complying with regulations. With easy set-up and placement of self- contained data loggers, you can be mapping a chamber in minutes.

vLog has multiple file security features that aid in regulatory compliance, including:

  • Security status of the data is identified on every report 
  • Each time data is downloaded, vLog generates a unique checksum value, which is the Logger File ID number.
  • File ID numbers are referenced in: logger file creation reports, data logger files, trend graphs, tabular data, all printed reports


​Vaisala vLog is a powerful validation/mapping software for downloading, analyzing and reporting information from Vaisala data loggers. The software is easy to use and designed for performing temperature and humidity mapping studies in GxP-compliant applications. The software includes calibration tracking for the sensors to ensure study results are reliable. The optional IQ/OQ protocol document ensures that vLog software operates with integrity, security and reliability.

For non-regulated, standalone data logging, we offer vLog SP software for basic trending and analysis.

Vaisala mapping service is currently available in Great Britain, Europe, and Japan. 


  • Security Control:Three levels of security to control access:Windows, domain level, and local account authentication.
  • File Security for Regulatory Compliance:Security status of the data is identified on every report to aid in compliance with for 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11.
  • System-wide Traceability:Built-in audit trail gives secure reports for time periods specified by users. No interaction with the system goes unrecorded.
  • Easy Data Transfer:Copy and paste or export graphs, .TXT and .CSV files into other Windows and/or database applications.

Key benefits

High quality reporting

Display temperature, humidity and other parameters on single or separate graphs. Create standard and customized documents fast, including statistics such as min, max and average values, mean kinetic temperature and other calculations, or export to spreadsheets for further analysis.

Easy to use and reliable

Simply place the data loggers where you need them — no wires to handle. All DL-series loggers are equipped with a 10-year battery, large internal memory, and stable sensors. vLog lets you focus on study results and analysis, rather than time-consuming setup and re-calibrations.

Data integrity

With vLog’s validated audit trail, no interaction with the system goes unrecorded. Data is secure and tamper-proof, and always gap-free to ensure studies are compliant with 21 CFR Part 11.

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