Dew Point and Temperature Meter Series DMT340

DMT340 Series Dewpoint and Temperature Transmitters

Dew Point and Temperature Meter Series DMT340

Condensation-resistant DMT340 is designed for industrial low-humidity applications such as industrial drying, compressed air systems, semiconductor industry, dry rooms, baking ovens, and metal heat treatment to provide accurate and reliable measurement. There are several models for different types of needs:

  • DMT341 for wall-mounting
  • DMT342 with small size flanged probe for use with sampling cell
  • DMT344 for pressurized processes
  • DMT347 with small pressure-tight probe
  • DMT348 for pressurized pipelines

Key Benefits

Choose the probe suitable for your needs
Five different probe types designed to meet various requirements.
Easy maintenance
The Vaisala DRYCAP® sensor is immune to particulate contamination, water condensation, oil vapor, and most chemicals.
Stable measurement
The auto-calibration feature allows the transmitter to perform calibration and adjustment by itself while the measured process is running.