Vaisala introduces new industrial transmitter Indigo300 as part of its Indigo modular product line

Indigo300 and HMP1 close up
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Vaisala, a global leader in weather, environmental, and industrial measurements, introduced the new industrial Indigo300 transmitter today. The transmitter has been designed to provide ease of use for industrial applications requiring high-reliability levels. As part of Vaisala's Indigo transmitter family, Indigo300 is compatible with the company's industry-leading Indigo measurement probes. Indigo300 transmitters offer enhanced convenience, compatibility, and precision, even in harsh industrial settings.

Performance-driven design

The Vaisala Indigo300 Transmitter is ideal for demanding industrial applications requiring accurate measurements of one parameter at a time. Rugged IP65-rated metal enclosure ensures reliable performance in rough conditions. In addition to supporting one smart probe at a time, a display allows local data visualization.

"I am very pleased to announce the addition of the Indigo300 transmitter to the modular Indigo product family. Indigo-compatible products enable high-quality measurement data for a multitude of industrial processes. The transmitter is robust enough to handle the harshest industrial environments,” says Product Manager Juhani Lehto from Vaisala.

The plug-and-play transmitter meets the needs of customers.

“The need for a simple solution, with single probe support and analog outputs delivered ready for use in even the most demanding environments, was always heard from our customers, and we wanted to deliver,” Lehto continues.

Indigo300 transmitters are easy to connect to any Indigo-compatible measurement probe.
Using the Indigo300, our customers can measure various parameters with accuracy, reliability, and a strong chain of data provided by the Indigo ecosystem. In addition to the high quality and performance Vaisala is renowned for, this transmitter is pre-configured at the factory, so installation is quick and easy," adds Lehto.

Indigo300 is a durable transmitter with metal housing that works with Vaisala's comprehensive range of Indigo-compatible smart probes for measuring humidity, temperature, dew point, carbon dioxide, vaporized hydrogen peroxide, and moisture in oil. Probes can be swapped easily whenever needed. 

An excellent choice for industrial customers

The Indigo product family from Vaisala delivers stable and reliable measurements in a variety of industrial applications. The modular design enables users to combine elements according to their requirements for working in the most demanding industrial environments.

The Indigo family creates a versatile ecosystem with interchangeable smart probes, rugged transmitters, and user-friendly PC software. Indigo probes and transmitters are easy to install, use, and maintain due to their modular design. Together, they create an effective chain of data for ensuring energy efficiency, safety, and quality of end products.

The Vaisala Indigo300 Transmitter will be available globally in the third quarter of 2023.

More information for the media:
Miia Lahti, Communications Manager, Industrial Measurements, Vaisala
+358 50 555 4420, [email protected]

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