Turbine Inlet Air

Monitoring humidity to optimize gas turbine performance

The accurate measurement of the humidity of inlet air is essential for good turbine control. When the air is cooler the turbine performs better because as the temperature decreases, the density of the air increases. This results in a greater mass of air flowing through the turbine, resulting in increased power generation.

A 1ºC increase in temperature may mean a 0.5% electricity loss. However, inlet air that is too cold or humid must be avoided as it may lead to water condensation or even icing, which damages the turbine blades.

With reliable humidity monitoring the utility operator can cool and compress the inlet air, maximizing the power generated without risking condensation.

Vaisala's 30 years of experience of industrial humidity measurements is incorporated into the Vaisala HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature transmitter Series HMT330. For operators in the power industry this means reliable, stable and accurate measurements. With the HMT330 series you have many versatile options to choose from: a numerical and graphical display, a multilingual menu, alarms, trends, a one-year history, and WLAN/LAN.

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