In-line Brix concentration measurement in jam cooking

Jams are a popular sweet product made by cooking fruits puree, pulp of juice with sugar to obtain a gel consistency product.  

Jam cooking batch control using in-line Brix concentration measurement  

Jam cooking is usually made in batches and consists of four main phases:  

  • Ingredients edition: mixing of berries, fruits, pectin and sugar with water. 
  • Sweetening cooking: berries and fruits absorb sugar from the liquid until equilibrium is achieved. 
  • Pasteurization: destroying microorganisms. 
  • Cooling: cooling of the jam and adding aromas. 

Download the application note to learn details on how Vaisala Polaris Sanitary Refractometer is used for in-line Brix concentration measurement in jam preparation. This measurement provides the following benefits to the process: 

  • measure Brix not only from final product but also during processing
  • eliminates the need for batch sampling and off-line analyzing 
  • improves product consistency and quality 
  • meet specifications for proper product labelling 
  • optimizes sugar usage 

Various refractometer installation options include open boiling pan, vertical vacuum cooker, horizontal vacuum cooker or pipe cooker.  

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