Repair service

The Repair service is for situations where your Vaisala instrument needs wider repair or component changes in order to return the original performance. Sometimes even the most robust devices may need care during the life time and in those cases our customers can rely on our experts to help. We don't just repair the instrument but also calibrate and adjust it to ensure the best accuracy.

Comprehensive service

Vaisala Instrument Repair service includes:

  • Fault tracing
  • Replacement of needed components by using original parts
  • Labor
  • Calibration according to your choice  
  • Instrument adjustment
  • Functional testing
  • Service report and Calibration certificate

The repair content may vary depending on the instrument model.

We provide also a sensor replacement service for selected instruments. Service includes labor, use of original Vaisala components, and calibration according to your choice. Please browse availability by product model in Vaisala online store.

Key benefits

Extend the life cycle of your investment


Vaisala Repair service is for securing the life cycle of your investment even in case of unexpected breakdowns or malfunctions. The service is an affordable option to extend the life cycle without compromises to performance or accuracy.


Fixed pricing and guaranteed performance


Most of our Repairs are fixed priced including everything what is needed to recover the performance. The price covers both parts and labor starting from fault tracing to successful calibration and functional testing. Official documents returned with the instrument verify both the instrument condition and accuracy without doubts. All Repair services comes with 6 month warranty for work and replaced parts.

Fast deliveries and 24/7 availability


Vaisala's modern Service Centers and optimized spare part availability enable fast repair turnaround times: Most of our Repairs are delivered within 10 business days from receiving the instrument. Repairs and calibrations are available 24/7 from our Online store with transparent terms and convenient logistics.