Custom calibration

Custom calibration is the correct choice if specific points within your instrument’s measurement range are needed. Calibrating and adjusting your instrument specifically for the critical points where the product is used will ensure reliable and accurate measurement in your application. Custom calibration is available both as ISO 9001 or ISO/IEC 17025 (Accredited) compatible option

The Custom calibration service includes:

  • Functional testing
  • Calibration according to selected points
  • Instrument adjustment to meet its specification
  • Wearing parts and filter change as needed
  • Calibration certificate with as-found and as-left results
  • Service report
  • Calibration due date update

Key benefits

Best accuracy in your critical points

Selecting the calibration points according to requirements of the specific measurement need ensures the most reliable and accurate measurements in your application.

Proven quality by the manufacturer

In order to ensure the best performance and accuracy for your Vaisala instrument we don't just calibrate it but also adjust and change wearing parts as needed. As a manufacturer, we use only latest audit-proof procedures and original parts. The official calibration certificate is always included proofing the measurement performance without any doubts.

Fast and convenient service from one-shop

Vaisala's modern Service Centers and optimized delivery processes enable fast calibration turnaround times: most of our Custom calibrations are delivered within 10 business days from receiving the instrument. Calibrations are available 24/7 from our Online store with transparent terms and convenient logistics.