Maintenance and Repair for Vaisala K‑PATENTS® Process Refractometers

Our maintenance and repair services are for situations where your Vaisala K‑PATENTS® process refractometer requires inspection, preventive maintenance or more comprehensive repair in order to verify or return the original performance. No matter the need you can count our service experts’ assistance.

The service includes:

  • Fault diagnostics
  • Inspections
  • Replacement of parts according to inspection
  • Functional testing
  • Calibration and verification
  • Service report and verification documentation

Refractometers should be returned to the original seller, which is, in general, the local distributor. Return requests can be made by the distributor by filling the Request for Return Materials Authorization (RMA) form.

Key benefits

Secure the Life Cycle of Your Investment


The service is an affordable option to verify or return the original performance of your device without compromises. No matter the case, we are dedicated to secure the life cycle of your refractometer.

Peace of Mind


Our service contains always preventive maintenance actions from inspections to needed part replacements and verification. By using the service, you can be sure that the device works as designed.  As a guarantee, we offer six (6) month warranty on replaced parts and labor.

Quality Service by the Manufacturer


Our modern Service facilities and optimized spare part availability enable fast repair turnaround times without surprises. As a manufacturer we use only original parts and procedures to meet highest quality standards.