Standard Calibration

Vaisala's Standard Service Center Calibration service is equal to the calibration performed for new Vaisala instruments before they leave the factory. It is a perfect choice when you need to verify that the instrument accuracy matches the original specifications. 

Our Standard Service Center Calibration service includes: 

  • Functional testing 
  • Traceable calibration to SI units 
  • Instrument adjustment to meet its specification when needed 
  • Filter replacement when needed 
  • Calibration certificate with as-found and as-left results 
  • Software update when available 
  • Service report 
  • Update of calibration dates, label and settings
  • 6-month warranty for the work and used parts 

For Continuous Monitoring System customers we also offer On-Site Calibration services.

Having your Vaisala instruments calibrated by us simply makes sense

Serving your needs

You can select between ISO/IEC17025 accredited calibration and ISO9001 standard calibration. The service is fast and with Vaisala Care agreement you get priority service, fixed prices, and many other benefits. Also a calibration certificate with as-found and as-left results is always included.

More than a calibration

In addition to just calibrating, the service includes also adjustment and functional testing of the instrument to ensure that it is working according to our high-quality requirements. Additional services can be done upon your request for most instruments.

Superior outcome

As the manufacturer, Vaisala has all the necessary knowhow to ensure that the instruments will meet their original high-quality standards after the calibration. Software updates, configurations, and product upgrades can be easily handled simultaneously as needed.

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Humidity, dew point & temperature: DL2000, DL1000, HMT331, HMT333, HMT334, HMT335, HMT337, HMT338, PTU301, PTU303, DL1416, DMP74B, HMP75, HMP77B, HMP76, RFL100-HMP115, RFL100-HMP110

Carbon dioxide: GMP252, GMP251

Pressure: PTU301, PTU303, PTU307

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How to select between accredited and standard calibration?

The ISO/IEC17025 is an international recognition of our commitment to quality, competence and reliable calibration results, and we are regularly assessed by an independent third party. Choose ISO/IEC17025 accredited calibration if you are in a regulated industry, use your instrument as a reference, or simply want an audit-proof calibration. The ISO9001 calibration is the standard option for situations when you want a high-quality calibration, but do not need proof for regulatory instances. An increasing number of customers are turning to accredited calibration because of their increasing quality requirements, both internally and externally. The choice is yours.

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As a manufacturer, Vaisala offers professional Accredited and Standard Calibrations as well as maintenance services. We are able to fulfill all original requirements and the strictest quality standards. Simply return your Vaisala instrument to us and enjoy a stress-free service.​